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The Renovation
"Bringing Bearnock firmly into the 21st century"

After the war the house had various owners and started to fall into disrepair. At one stage it was going to be a hotel, another time an art exhibition centre but these ideas came to nothing.

In the early 1970's the house was purchased by the Janneys who set about restoring many of Lady Grants ‘alterations’ and planted hundreds of trees on the grounds. However, this was a huge task and much of the back section of the house remained in disrepair for many years.

The Sutherland family purchased the property in the summer of 2009 and set about bringing the house into the 21st century – mains water was added to the property, central heating was reinstalled and it was completely rewired. Walls were moved, bathrooms were added and the former kitchen was turned into a modern kitchen/sitting room.

During 2011, the formal garden was restored (back to its hey day in the Victorian era) and a new apartment was added over the garages which provides a sitting area overlooking the waterfall, which was previously hidden from view.
The Renovation Process
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